Is Ear Candling an Effective Earwax Removal Method

Is Ear Candling an Effective Earwax Removal Method?

A burning cone-shaped candle is inserted into the afflicted ear during ear candling, also known as ear coning. Alternative medicine has been used by people for thousands of years as a form of healing. It's thought that the heat from the candle will suck up the ear wax. It is forbidden to drip any wax into an ear.

What Purpose Do Ear Candles Serve?

Proponents of ear candling argue that there are numerous other health benefits in addition to extracting wax from the ears. Certain claims, such as the relief of bacterial infections, migraines, sore throats, typical cold and flu symptoms, and many more, appear almost too good to be true.

Do Ear Candles Work as Promised?

Many images on the internet depict what appear to be "wax stains'' on the inside of ear candles. Sadly, the claims made by manufacturers of ear candles that their products can remove wax, help with tinnitus, ease sinus problems, and treat other ENTailments are not supported by the available data. In fact, studies revealed that candle wax was more likely to get inside the ear than to be extracted. Researchers attempted to reproduce the suction that ear candles purport to provide, but were unable to observe any improvement in patients or indications of suction, and the earwax persisted.

Is There Any Risk Associated With It? 

You should be aware that ear candling is not safe nor beneficial for enhancing the health of your ears. As part of the ear candling process, a hollow, cone-shaped candle that is roughly 10 inches long is placed into the ear canal and lit. By producing a suction effect, this Earwax Removal Method is an efficient way to remove wax and other debris from the ear canal. On the other hand, this approach comes with a number of hazards and little supporting data.

First and foremost, candling the ears is a very risky procedure. In addition to seriously burning the skin, hair, and face, an open flame thus close to the ear can also harm the delicate internal components of the ear. Moreover, melted candle wax and ash may drop into the ear canal, potentially obstructing it or aggravating it even more.

In addition to having little therapeutic use, ear candling cannot remove earwax. Studies refute the candle's claimed "vacuum" effect and demonstrate that it is unable to generate sufficient suction to remove ear wax. The heat from the candle can actually melt the earwax, making removal harder and possibly causing the obstruction to spread farther inside the ear canal.

When handling delicate matters, your ears should always come first. It is advised that you get in touch with an Earwax Doctor audiologist if you are exhibiting symptoms such as impaired hearing, earwax buildup, or earache. Audiologist-provided care is suitable and supported by data.

Better Alternatives 

The safest method is to have an expert cleaner come to your home and remove earwax. To remove dirt from your ears, your doctor may use:

  • Cerumen Spoon
  • Suction Device
  • Forceps
  • Irrigation

Last Words

"Ear candling" is an additional method of eliminating earwax that entails inserting a lit candle through a hollow ear canal. Contrary to what proponents of the practice claim, there is no evidence that ear candling is beneficial or that it can treat any medical condition.

Among the main dangers associated with ear candling include burns, ruptured eardrums, and irreversible hearing loss. Should you believe that wax is the cause of your ear pain, steer clear of candling and see a doctor instead at Earwax Doctor.

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